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We’ve both found Illumination, so let’s get acquainted. Here’s me

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But I once worked at a zoo, where I decided that if I had to choose which animal I would trade places with, the sea lions seemed to be having the most fun. Even though I’m not a fan of raw fish.

I’ve had a great number of jobs and several careers. My resume is full of non-sequiturs: actor; English teacher; non-profit executive; owner of a small lumber company; waitress; small-town mayor; circus performer (not necessarily in that order). In between, I got married, raised children, was widowed, and remarried.

In one form or another: journals; long correspondences in the days before email sucked the magic out of letter-writing; poems and stories that never saw the light of day. I once let this slip to a very earnest friend of mine. She asked me, very earnestly, “Would you like to be a writer?”

My answer: “Let’s put it this way: I would like to have written.”

I admired writers and writing so very much, you see, that the thought of placing myself among them made me shy. So for many years any writing I did remained under the proverbial bushel. Eventually, I got to an age where I could accept there were many people far smarter and more talented than I am.

But so what? No point growing older if you can’t also grow bolder.

Short stories, poems, essays, novels — and all the ancillary writing those things entail, like synopses and query letters and pitches. If you’re a writer, you know what I mean. Embarking on a writing journey is like discovering a fascinating leaf and then finding that it’s attached to a vast and spreading tree. Which is bound through its roots to an entire forest.

But enough with the metaphors. I would like to think that reading my writing is more interesting than reading my writing about my writing, so let’s move on. Here’s a sampler of my work on Medium.

Now that we’ve found our way to Illumination, let’s trade inspiration, shall we?

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Writer & educator. The Startup, Writing Cooperative, P.S. I Love You, The Ascent, more. Award-winning short fiction. Visit me at

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