Somebody gains from sowing division, but it’s not you or me

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Months back, I vowed to stop writing about politics

But that doesn’t mean I won’t write about democracy, or about what it means to be an American in these critical days. Especially having just passed the first anniversary of January 6, 2021 — a day that I believe ranks with 9/11 in terms of existential threat to the nation…

Time to get on board; staying behind is not an option

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Remember November?

How it appeared burnished with gold and, as the weeks swelled into the feasting time, dripped with butter? Then December bustled in like a pleasantly plump auntie, eager to help decorate and shop and bake cookies until it was time to sit down with a nice cup of something.


Three reasons

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American politics has gone from brutal to terrifying. Still, I’m not pulling, turtle-like, into my shell.

I’m being strategic. Taking action — communicating with my representatives, supporting just causes, showing up for other people (including those I don’t agree with) — might actually help.

One: Spouting my opinions helps nothing

It only amplifies the echo chamber…

But it’s getting harder

We had our kitchen cabinets painted this week

The painting contractor, a very nice man whose services we’d used years ago when we lived here previously, gave us an estimate that made our eyes pop, but that’s what good work costs these days. And his guys were good. They showed up on time, pretty much, every day, and…

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